Oakdale Team

We have in excess of 80 full and part time staff who are all key players on the Oakdale Team.  Each and every member of staff contributes in their own unique way in helping to create the homely atmosphere and the good reputation we enjoy, whilst providing quality care to our much loved residents.

We are fortunate to have retained many members of our original staff who are with us since we opened, they play an essential role in ensuring that new members of staff carry on well-established practices when caring for our residents.

The Directors of Oakdale Nursing Home Ltd appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of Avril Finnerty and all our staff who daily not only follow high standards, they constantly strive to set new ones.

We also acknowledge the vital contribution of our local community who visit Oakdale every week whether it is to play bingo, music, cards, have a chat or knit with residents, your presence greatly enriches their quality of life. Similarly with our local and visiting clergy of all denominations, your visits are always eagerly awaited and much appreciated by all.

Ms Avril Finnerty R.G.N. BA (Hons.)
Director of Nursing
Avril was appointed to this position in May 2016 and is responsible for the day to day running of Oakdale and resident care. She joined Oakdale in 2009 as a Staff Nurse and prior to her appointment as DON, she held the position of Clinical Nurse Manager. Avril is a natural team leader and together with her assistant Mary Dunne, they fully embrace the well established Oakdale ethos of excellent care where the needs of the resident comes first always. Avril holds an Honours Degree in General Nursing and a Post Graduate Qualification in Advanced Leadership Studies, in addition to a Post Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and End of Life Care. She is married with two young children and includes in her hobbies reading and a range of outdoor pursuits (her favourite being footing turf on the bog!!).
Ms Mary Dunne R.G.N., R.C.N.
Assistant Director of Nursing
Mary has been Assistant Director of Nursing since we opened in 2009. She holds a degree in Gerontology and is passionate about the care of the elderly. Mary acts as Director in Avril’s absence and has played a major part in driving and maintaining the excellent standards of care in Oakdale and is largely responsible for the good reputation we enjoy today. Prior to her appointment in Oakdale Mary had been on the Staff of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Mountmellick. She resides locally, is an outdoor girl and an avid GAA supporter. She is married to Padraig, who lined out at centre field on the famous Offaly team that won the All Ireland Football Final in 1982.
Ms Gillian Heffernan R.G.N. BA (Hons.)
Clinical Nurse Manager
Gillian joined Oakdale in 2009 as a Staff Nurse and was appointed Clinical Nurse Manager in May 2016 replacing Avril Finnerty in the role. We are fortunate to have nurses and carers on our staff of Gillian’s calibre who as part of the Oakdale team has constantly strived to deliver high standards of care.
A native of Tullamore, she is married with two young children.
Ms Anne Fenlon and Ms Micheila Dooley
Senior Health Care Assistants
Both Anne and Micheila have been with Oakdale for the past four years. Like their colleagues they have a special gift and really care about our residents. Their specific roles involve supervising and supporting a team of care workers. They also assist with the induction of new staff, and take responsibility for overseeing specific areas of work. They liaise with peers and management on ongoing quality improvement and health and safety.
Brenda Conroy
Arts & Crafts.
Brenda, who is a local girl, has been in charge of Arts & Crafts since we opened. Her regular visits are eagerly awaited by our residents who enjoy the interaction with Brenda and the production of many colourful and varying projects such as cards, pictures, soft toys, collages etc. Last year a number of residents entered their products in local shows and great excitement abounded when they brought rosette’s back to Oakdale. Brenda is married to Liam, who is one of the Directors of Oakdale Nursing Home Ltd.
Ms Elisa Murphy
Activities Co-Ordinator
Elisa has been on the Oakdale staff for the last 5 years and was appointed to her present position in June 2016 having previously worked as a Health Care Assistant. She has responsibility for co-ordinating a wide and varied range of activities for our residents. She is an excellent baker and once weekly with the residents indulges staff and visitors alike with their home bakes. Elisa is responsible for sourcing Lotti, our rescue dog, for our residents who is now a permanent fixture and is much loved by all.
Ms Marie Stone
Head Chef
Marie was appointed Head Chef when we opened in 2009 and is responsible for preparing high quality, nutritious and varied meals for our residents. Like all good chefs Marie is very proud of her state of the art kitchen and is regularly complimented by the Environmental Health Inspector on her regular visits. She always remembers our resident’s birthdays and enjoys baking a special cake for them. She has established a tradition of going to every resident in the dining room with the much anticipated dessert trolley.
Ms Clare O’Neill
Head of Housekeeping.
Clare is another of our long serving staff members having taken on her present role when we opened in 2009. She and her team keep Oakdale in pristine condition and has been complimented by HIQA inspectors and the public alike for the excellent work they do in our Nursing Home.
Anne Marie Moore and Elaine Fitzpatrick
Administration and Reception
Anne Marie and Elaine look after Administration and Reception. They are the first of many friendly and smiling faces you see when you come in the door of Oakdale. They are always on hand to show people around and of course offer the famous Oakdale cuppa!
Harry and Sebastian
Grounds and Maintenance
Harry and Sebastian are responsible for keeping our grounds and building in superb condition.  Harry, who has been with us since we opened, is a keen gardener and takes great pride and pleasure from his work. It is not unusual to see Harry out with the lawnmower at 7.00 a.m. on a fine summer’s morning before heading to the bog to foot his turf. Harry’s granddaughter Amy has been on the nursing staff for the past six years.
Sebastian is the original Mr. Fix It, and can turn his hand to anything from plumbing repairs to painting. He is another valuable member of the Oakdale Team who has been with us for the past four years, he is married to Ewelina who works in our Housekeeping Department.  Their daughter Agata is a regular visitor to our Nursing Home.
Dr Adrian Honan
Medical Director
The Cork native has been Medical Director of Oakdale since we opened in 2009. He has practiced as a G.P. in Portarlington for the past thirty six years. Dr. Honan has a special interest in older people and holds a Diploma in Geriatric Medicine.  He is an avid sports fan and when visiting Oakdale he loves to sit and chat with our residents about Munster Rugby and Cork Hurling. His wife Cathy is one of the Directors of Oakdale Nursing Home Ltd.
Mrs Valerie Moore
General Manager and Registered Provider for Oakdale Nursing Home Ltd
Valerie is a native of the town and has been involved with the Oakdale Project from the very beginning, from the planning and building phase to décor and fit out. When we opened in 2009 she assumed the role of Director of Nursing and served in that position until May 2016 when Avril Finnerty was appointed. Valerie cares deeply about our residents and she continues to have a strong presence in Oakdale. She liaises regularly with Avril and Mary and is passionate about maintaining high standards of care. In addition to her role as Registered Provider, she specialises in general supervision, quality control, auditing and tuition.  Valerie is also a Director of Oakdale Nursing Home Ltd.