Care Services

Prior to admission to Oakdale every resident is assessed by the Director of Nursing which takes the form of a personal visit to the person’s home or where they are residing. The main purpose of this visit is to ascertain if a person wants to come and reside in Oakdale and for us to ensure that we can cater for all their needs in our Nursing Home.


Professional Nursing Care will be provided at Oakdale Nursing Home 24 hours a day. Residents may retain their own Doctor if their Doctor is agreeable. Alternatively, they may register with one of the Doctors who visit Oakdale regularly. Each resident will have their own individual care plan which will be reviewed at regular intervals.

Oakdale Nursing Home will provide basic mechanical aids to meet resident needs. Resident rooms will be furnished with an electric profiling bed, an over-bed table, wardrobe, bedside locker and a television.

On admission, the nurse on duty will undertake an initial assessment of the resident’s needs, including any safety needs related to risks. A care plan to address these needs is commenced at this stage. A comprehensive assessment of the resident’s needs and preferences continue over the next 48 hours so as to facilitate the development of a person centred care plan that is designed in agreement with the resident/relative. The assessment is aimed at identifying the residents’ health, personal and social care needs.

Assessment and care planning in Oakdale is an ongoing activity as we recognise that providing person centred care means getting to know the resident as a unique individual. Care plans are updated on a continuous basis as the needs of the resident change.

Doctors from local practices visit Oakdale three times per week and residents in need of a doctor are facilitated on these visits. MIDOC provide cover for Doctors visits out of hours and at weekends. The services of other Specialists are available to residents in Oakdale when needed e.g Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Dietician Chiropodist, Optician, Dentist, and Psychiatric services.

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